The Kicks Count app is designed to help you get to know your baby’s regular pattern of movement.  Unlike many other available apps, ours will not stop counting at 10.  Remember, there is no set number of movements you need to feel in a day, the important thing is to get to know YOUR baby’s regular pattern. You have the option of registering to use the app. The benefit of this is that your data is stored so, should you change or lose your phone, you won’t lose the data you’ve entered, but it’s completely optional.

To use: 

Every time you feel a session of movement, simply tap the footprint. You do not need to tap for each individual movement, instead record the sessions. When you have finished recording your sessions for the day click save; you will then be able to see the number of times your baby moves in a day.  At the start of each day, reset the counter to 0. 

The graphs section will show you your baby’s movements over the last 2, 7 and 14 days, you can easily swipe between the various graphs to view information. The graphs are designed to help you gain an understanding of your baby’s movements pattern.

Don’t forget, instructions are available and will automatically appear when you enter the app for the first time, you can also access them at any time by pressing the question mark.

With our app, you can also:

  • enter the details of your midwife so you can contact them if you ever have a concern
  • find out more information about your baby’s movements and what you should be expecting

Please note that Mums should not rely solely on the app and should always trust their instincts. If you feel something is wrong always call your midwife or maternity unit.


Did you know our app is listed with NHS Digital? NHS Digital provide information and technology for better health and care, so we are thrilled to be featured. To be listed, our app underwent complex technical reviews to ensure it met the high standard of quality, safety and effectiveness you'd expect. 

App developed by M/A Work